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•  President ~ Richard W. Pittman
•  Vice President ~ Allison Fender
•  Treasurer ~ Dayle Moden
  Secretary ~ Karen Russell
  Affiliate Rep ~ Kandi Nack
  Board Members ~ Lynn Hamon, Wendy Finsterwald
  Show Coordinators ~ Dee Saron, Lynn Hamon, Richard W. Pittman
  Merit Chair ~ Richard W. Pittman

In 1975 Australian Shepherd Club of San Diego County (ASCSDC) became an
affiliate club of the Australian Shepherd Club of America (ASCA). ASCSDC held it's
first sanctioned conformation and obedience show the same year in Escondido, California.
ASCSDC proudly hosts eight sanctioned conformation shows, eighteen Agility trials and
two Tracking Trials a year. We have approximately twelve members active
 in all areas of competition or therapy work with service dogs.
In 1981 a merit program was started, recognizing and honoring the achievements
of our  members and their dogs. We offer performance class awards for Aussie and
Non- Aussie competitors. Adults and juniors are awarded in all areas
of competition at our annual banquet
Our main goal is preserving the integrity of the Australian Shepherd. We do this through
education. We offer educational talks with a variety of guest speakers. We give
handling clinics covering all areas of dog related activities. Also, we participate
in community awareness programs. The club takes great pride in our junior handlers.
We feel it is our responsibility to educate and support our junior membership.
After all, the juniors today are the future of the Australian Shepherd.